A vision requires a single encounter with God. Visioneering requires patience, investigation, and planning. Visoneering requires faith in God’s ability to work behind the scenes, and confidence that he will orchestrate what he has originated.

– Andy Stanley


A vision causes excitement. Especially a God-ordained vision. It elevates heart rate. It awakens the desire to act, to create, to share, to accomplish. It provides purpose, direction, and energy.

But, it takes more than passion to make what could and should be a reality. The completion of a vision requires more than a singular encounter with God. It requires tools, time, and maintained momentum.

It requires constant re-dedication and alignment of our actions to God’s intended purpose. It requires us to seek after God in each step and, unfortunately, sometimes… it requires us to wait and have discipline.

This is the hardest part for me, and I know I’m not alone. Waiting, on its own, is hard enough, but waiting and maintaining discipline, seems next to impossible. As soon as the thrill of the initial vision is gone and discipline takes over, momentum can go right out the window.

What is it for you? Big vision, hard follow-through? It can be anything, personal things, like weight loss, getting out of debt, saving for the future, journaling, praying, leading more diligently at home and work? Maybe it’s bigger, starting a business or non-profit, establishing a free-trade program or jumping full into mission work? We get so pumped up about the NEW adventure and the END result, but as soon as it gets hard in the middle, as soon as there is work to be done to reach the goal, as soon as it isn’t new and exciting, but rather it’s hard and exhausting, we tend to give up.

This is true in so many forums, but it’s especially true in fundraising.

Often-times, it isn’t getting people excited about your vision, purpose, building campaign, church plant, etc. that is the issue, it’s keeping that momentum going for the long haul. Once you are in year two of the building campaign and the initial excitement seen by givers is clouded by the monotony of them seeing all their extra money being devoted to your cause. It’s when the year two vacation needs to be canceled to meet the goal as well, that givers can start to lose excitement. It’s when we start feeling the weight of the sacrifice, that discipline needs to take over.

So how do we keep the momentum? How do we remain disciplined? How do we keep giving, when we don’t want to anymore?


One way is to shift perception. If goals and aspirations are viewed as opportunities for God to be seen through us, it will change how we conducted ourselves while reaching goals? Whatever they may be. Suddenly the END result isn’t the real goal, rather the goal is showing God in us throughout the journey. Simply use these actions to point others to God, and suddenly you have a bigger goal and a better reason to remain steadfast.

Another way is to practice grit. Get some resolve. Get some stick-with-it-ness. Accomplishing a big goal and being part of a big vision takes practice. “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” Remember God is changing hearts and character through these times of discipline. Use the opportunity to be molded by God.

And more simply, resolve to remain devoted. Decide how you want to behave in a situation before it happens and follow through.

Most importantly, trust in God.

“The Lord strongly supports those whose hearts are his.”

Be encouraged that a God-ordained vision will have its roots in God’s overarching vision for this world, and maintaining resolve allows you to be part of the vision.

Whether you are burning with developing your own God ordained or personal vision, or you are encouraging others to maintain momentum in fulfilling and staying on task in supporting a vision in process, Gyve is here to help.

If you are casting vision, use the donation features to help others participate in your cause. The roundup option allows givers to donate change from every day debit and credit purchases to a Gyve client charity (YOU). Recurring and one-time gifting option are also available to make donations simple and automatic.

If you are maintaining momentum, use the communication features to encourage participants during the harder waiting periods, when it doesn’t seem like much action is taking place. Share with them the progress that is being made and remind them of the end goal, encourage them to use their donation journey to show God to others.

We are on a mission to help organizations create a culture of generosity, and I hope you can join us.

Check out, Visioneering, by Andy Stanley for a complete look on discovering and maintaining personal vision.

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