All churches need to learn how to maximize impact in their organization.

From church plants to multi-church networks, generosity and giving is the number one key to maximizing impact.

Maximizing Impact

We are a connected and informed generation. With the internet, we have the capacity to learn, share and buy anything with the click of a button. We have the ability to communicate with, impact and influence people around the world from our homes.

No wonder we say things to our kids like, no one is too young, too small, or too insignificant to make a difference. It’s true. Even the smallest kindness or gesture can be shared, inspired and replicated.

Small Actions Make Huge Impacts

2/42 Community Church did it right. They started by sharing a vision of collaborating their congregation to participate in a fundraising idea called *roundup (collecting and donating the difference between a purchase and the nearest dollar). Then they took it a step further.

Church Leaders Commit

The church leaders committed to donating ALL the roundup generosity in 2018 back to their community.

The response from the congregation was inspiring. They loved it. Straight away, 30 people signed up. By month two, another 80. By December, 2/42 collected enough money in roundup change to pay a month’s rent for a single mother. AND THEY DID IT.

A small act, 20 cents from one swipe, 30 cents from another, collected together from all the participants, really added up.

Talk about Maximizing Impact!

This Isn’t The End

It started with members donating change, but that isn’t where it ended.

The recipient of the roundup gift wrote 2/42 a ‘thank you’ card, which the Pastor read from the stage. It was a heartfelt note of gratitude and appreciation. During the weekend services, attendee after attendee approached the pastor, moved by the note of gratitude, and offered to pay the woman’s rent for the following month. What started as individuals donating change, and collected to the payment of one month’s rent, ended in a tidal wave of generosity. This woman’s rent is now paid, THROUGH NOVEMBER 2018.

Don’t miss the true point here. People WANT to be generous. They want to make an impact, and they are moved to do so by seeing and hearing the difference being made by their donations.

I don’t know the individuals who stepped up to pay an additional months rent for this woman, but I do know there was a stirring in their hearts and growth in them as givers. Our goal cannot simply be to help those in need, our goal needs to be to help grow individuals in giving as well. Giving is a discipline of following God and it shifts an individual’s perspective on handling finances. I believe God will use these stories to take care of his people, and I believe he will use these stories to reach and transform the hearts of his people.

If one church, in one month can stir up this kind of generosity by one story, think of the impact waiting to be made through the connectedness of the 200 million smartphones in operation in the US, that’s 200 million people ready to be united and inspired. The results of that kind of collaboration would fund big-ticket needs. Think natural disaster relief… prefunded with pennies.

In 2018, the technology exists to combined small actions together to make HUGE impacts.

2/42 currently has over 230 round up, donors. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Check out this video from 2/42 community church.

Start a generosity movement. Let us share your story next.

*The roundup feature is a Gyve generosity platform option that allows an individual to round each credit and debit card purchase made to the nearest dollar. The difference from each purchase is then collected and distributed to the selected charity. For more information on the roundup and other Gyve options, check out

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