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September 19, 2018by Morgan Mudge0


A generous church gives generously.


One of the most profound ways to lead a generous church culture is by generously and impactfully donating church resources.

This step is hard, especially if you lead a church operating on a tight budget. But to truly shift the generosity culture of your church, it is critical. If you want your people to engage in radical generosity, you must lead them.


To cultivate generosity in your church, you must show generosity in your church.


Find a local cause and give to them, serve them, and then tell your church how their generosity made an impact.  Be the church the community notices.

Gyve is an online and mobile giving platform on mission to help churches build a culture of generosity.  The Gyve system meets people where they are in their generosity journey and helps create environments to encourage movement and spark the spiritual growth required to shift the giving perspective.


We are on mission to help churches create a culture of generosity.  Join Us.

For more information of how to create a culture of generosity, visit us at



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