INSPIRE by creating environments.

A generous church creates environments to grow generosity.

Generous churches give regular calls to action for people to take next steps in personal generosity. Inviting people on mission with your church is an important part of building a generous culture. This is done by creating environments to cast vision, tell stories, and challenge attendees to take action.

To truly inspire a call-to-action, great challenges should be accompanied by great leadership. During an extremely sizable community center expansion project campaign, one pastor inspired his congregation to stretch the parameters of giving by pledging to give 20% of his income to the project during the duration of the campaign. His reasoning was simple: he was boldly asking his church community to give 10% of their income to help fund this endeavor, a concept that can be shocking to someone new to the idea of income-based generosity. This Pastor had been giving all his life. It was part of his normal budget, and he didn’t feel the sting of it anymore. So, to experience what his first-time givers were experiencing, he joined them. He inspired them.

He led them.

He didn’t stand on stage and share his sacrifice, so people would pat him on the back and praise his generosity. He did it to sacrifice with his people. He was not bragging or boasting in his decision, he was leading by example. Challenging people with clear calls to action, and leading through personal example, will help encourage movement along the generosity journey.

The first step in cultivating a culture of generosity is showing generosity.

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