The Big Give

The Big Give is a generosity event and can be used as a way to kick-start a culture of generosity within your church. This epic generosity opportunity speaks to people at all stages of the Giving Ladder; it entices those new to giving to give for the first time and encourages those already giving to take next steps in personal generosity.


The Big Give is simply giving away 100% of the financial contributions received for one weekend. Practically speaking, the church will budget to “live” on 51 weeks of contributions instead of 52. The Big Give is an excellent way to create excitement about giving generously and has resulted in increased contributions after the event, time and time again.

The Big Give is an opportunity for people to see the church trusting God to care for its basic needs and be generous with its resources.

The Big Give should not just be any weekend offering; it should be the biggest offering ever.

The Big Give is an event, which means the planning team should market and create hype for weeks in advance to create a successful weekend.


Select a few organizations to receive The Big Give funds then spend time each week leading up to the Big Give talking about the different organizations.

    • Give Locally: Find an impactful non-profit in your community that could REALLY benefit from a sizeable gift.
    • Give Globally: Connect with an overseas organization or give a specific amount for a specific need to your current global mission.
    • Give Intentionally: Give to another church in need or a new church being planted.  This displays unity between churches and is impactful for Kingdom growth.
    • Give Wisely: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. If your congregation is smaller, pick one organization to bless with the full gift. What is most important is that your congregation experiences a BIG visual impact.


Encourage your congregation to pray about their gift. Challenge them to ask God to stretch their resources and hearts to give from a place of sacrificial generosity.


Equip your congregation with handouts and information about the organizations who will receive their gifts.


Be bold. Tell your congregation you are praying for them to give in a way they’ve never given. Tell them you are praying to be blown away by their generosity. Tell them you are praying this offering will overshadow any other week’s offering, and you’ll be giving it all away.

2|42 Community Church in Brighton, Michigan held a Big Give challenge when implementing the Gyve platform. In one weekend they raised and donated $351,000.

Gyve will fuel the BIG GIVE

The Big Give is an impactful event and a great way to introduce people to generosity using the Gyve platform. Gyve’s one-time giving option is ideal for generosity events. While you are leading up to the event, talk about the app and how it is used to transfer funds from individuals to the church. Entice your congregation to download and use the one-time giving feature to drive your Big Give event.


For the Big Give to make a big impression on your community, it is essential to communicate acknowledgment in participation, gratitude, and impact. Tell Big Give stories and show your congregation how they changed lives locally and globally. Record your leaders presenting the funds collected to the receiving organization and share it with your congregation. Ask the organization to write you a response and then share it with your church. Big Give stories inspire people to give again and again.

Gyve is an online and mobile giving platform on a mission to help churches build a culture of generosity.

The Gyve system meets people where they are in their generosity journey and helps create environments to encourage movement and spark the spiritual growth required to shift the giving perspective.

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