How do you implement a giving platform?
How do you change from one giving system to another?
How do you encourage your member base to participate?

It’s easy… you just roll with it!


Rolling out a new generosity platform is no small task, but Gyve is committed to partnering with you to make the transition smooth, effective, and efficient. Rollout ignites a wave of generosity, and momentum around giving, allowing leadership to support the change, and help your church gain new givers during the launch.


The leadership team at, Crosspoint City Church in Cartersville, Georgia developed and delivered a video that helped cast the vision of how to use Gyve and why the upcoming year would be the most generous in their church history outlining the specific areas where generosity would be used and inviting people to join the mission.



Start with staff. Introduce the Gyve platform and ask your leaders to download the App and start using the round up feature immediately. By familiarizing your staff initially, you will have a force of people ready to help explain the download process, answer questions and facilitate the ease of use with the program. Gyve does not charge signup, cancellation, user, or minimum processing fees, so there is no risk in conducting a soft launch with your staff.

Non-Staff Leadership

Once your staff has been using the app, engage with non-staff leaders in your church (small group leaders, elders, deacons, board members). Invite these key leaders to begin using Gyve to generate momentum for the community wide launch to come.

Top Donors

The leaders and top supporters are often one in the same. These are the people who have the highest commitment to your church. They feel ownership and pride in your building, they are called and mission focused. Engage those committed to your cause up front and secure their support.

Top donors do not want to feel like they are investors in your mission, rather they want to be partners with you in God’s mission.

Be sure to approach top donors in a businesslike fashion. Share your vision then request feedback and support. Ask them to join you and help you spread the idea of creating a culture of generosity in your church. Solicit and use their feedback. Include them in the process.

Recurring and Large-Gift Donors

Before you publicly rollout Gyve to the entire church, invite your recurring and large-gift donors to begin using the app. This empowers your core generosity community to be on the ground floor of a new development. This step will provide the quickest transition of large and consistent donations.

Contact recurring givers via telephone or email. Simply explain the switch to Gyve, and include download links for the Apple App store, Google Play, and Gyve’s download instructions.

Be sure to include a church wide launch date for the new platform and an explanation enticing your committed givers to lead out for the rest of the church. This strategy allows you to gain support from the 20% regularly giving before strategizing to include the remaining 80%. This will enable you to include giving stats and percentage of committed members during your full launch.

Remaining Community

When rolling the Gyve platform out to the congregation, spend time during each service explaining the transition and casting vision around building a culture of generosity. Explain the round up feature and how the church plans to use the round up donations to bless the community. Get people excited about generosity. A congregational launch should last 4-5 weeks.

The Gyve team is committed to your success and will help you develop a detailed rollout plan to fit your culture and community. A rollout package filled with videos, handouts, slides, images, email templates, and much more is available to equip you with your launch.

In the first 4 months from switching to Gyve from PushPay, 2/42 experienced an 18% growth in overall giving and a 62% increase in first time givers. They jumped from 900 users on PushPay to 1,600 on Gyve, immediately. Currently, 2/42 has over 2,500 users on Gyve.


The last and most important aspect to your rollout is maintaining consistency after your launch. Don’t assume everyone has heard the message about Gyve and is on board with the new plan. When building a culture of generosity, talking about generosity in consistent, visible ways each week is essential. Create weekly moments to talk about generosity, share impact stories, encourage Gyve downloads, and invite people to join you in the mission of generosity.

Gyve is an online and mobile giving platform on mission to help churches build a culture of generosity.

The Gyve system meets people where they are in their generosity journey and helps create environments to encourage movement and spark the spiritual growth required to shift the giving perspective.

We are on mission to help churches create a culture of generosity. Join Us.

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