Coach Generosity?!?

Are you looking to increase your donors?

What about giving amounts?



The answer may be as simple as making a little CHANGE.


What do we mean?

Microdonations capitalizes on everyone giving a little because giving only requires a little.

Asking someone to start with a tithe or giving in a relative manner is a lot.  It is similar to asking someone to wake up one morning and run a marathon.   Maybe, some people can do it, but most people will need to train and prepare to meet the goal.

Similar to training for a marathon, introducing microdonations and creating space for increasing giving is like generosity training.


How does it work?

It appears in faith-based organizations, about 15% of the population donates 51% of the revenues.  By incorporating microdonations, the goal is to increase the number of overall givers by decreasing the upfront giving-amount ask.

Furthermore, microdonations do not replace regular and recurring giving; in contrast, they become additional income. Meaning, recurring givers will give more, and new givers will give something.


Why does it work?

What makes Gyve different in technology is their round-up (microdonation) giving feature. In addition, what makes Gyve different as a giving platform is their ability to promote spiritual growth in generosity.

When new givers enroll with the round-up option they register on a database.  By registering their contact information they become approachable for marketing and encouraging.  Likewise, they become coachable for generosity training.


How fast does it work?

About 15% of recurring givers add the round-up feature along with their current gift.  Around 40% of first-time givers start as round-up givers.  In addition, a new, sole round-up user generally adds another giving option within 75 days of registering with round-up.

Round-up giving is Gyve’s microdonation giving option, and it WILL increase your donation revenues.


Learn How!

Learn how to become a generosity coach for your congregation and grow giving in your community.

We are here to help.

Gyve is an online and mobile giving platform on a mission to help churches build a culture of generosity.

The Gyve system creates environments to develop donors while providing multiple donation options, including one-time, recurring and roundup (microdonation) giving.  Gyve is complete with data analysis, reporting, giving-trend tracking, and target marketing.


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