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It’s true electronic fund transfers (EFT) are becoming quite popular in everyday life. Everything from McDonald’s to Mortgages is paid with a quick tap of a button. Thankfully, the simplicity of fund transfers is now becoming commonplace with donation collections as well. Due to Online and Mobile giving platforms, like Gyve, EFTs are now easily available for monetary contributions within Church.

EFT is good for the Church

For the Leaders

The Gyve platform caters to the Church leader. In addition to increasing donation revenues, Gyve uses EFT data and provides analytic reports and tracking on givers. These reports let churches categorize, market to and encourage different donor types differently.  Likewise, they show leaders when funds will be available allowing for better budgeting and organizing. Gyve’s reporting and analytics not only help church leaders plan but also help them know and understand their donors from a new perspective.

For the Members

Online giving appeals to Church members because it offers a safe and convenient giving method. Mobile giving all but eliminates the requirement of attendance to maintain giving. Even though attendance is vital for spiritual growth and community commitment, giving should be available outside of Sunday morning. Once a contributor creates a Gyve account and selects their charitable recipient – your church; they can start giving when and where they choose. Many participants prefer to give when paid. Electronic giving allows users freedom in giving. And, it allows givers who desire to remain consistent with an easy opportunity to do so.

Online Giving Increases Donation Revenues by 34%

How to Register

Electronic giving originates either through the Church’s website or by members downloading the Gyve app onto their mobile device. From there, each participant creates a personal account. It is from these individual accounts that Gyve is able to track information on giving history, status, and overall giving potential of members. Because of the in-depth reporting, Church leaders are able to fully understand how best to communicate and encourage their members.

Available Options

Gyve is the only online giving platform to offer one-time, recurring and round-up giving options. Round-up giving is a great way to onboard new givers and entice current givers to give more. Recurring giving lets members committed to the Church to prioritize their finances and maintain church giving either before other spending or while unable to attend. One-time giving lets members support additional asks and requests from the church while maintaining their other giving avenues.

Giving generally increases with time and commitment. Gyve’s design facilitates this growth.

2/42 Community Church increased First-Time Givers by 62%  Through Swithching to Gyve.

Gyve is an online and mobile giving platform on a mission to help churches build a culture of generosity.

The Gyve system creates environments to develop donors while providing multiple donation options, including one-time, recurring and roundup (microdonation) giving. Gyve is complete with data analysis, reporting, giving-trend tracking, and target marketing.

Know how generous your church is today to know how life-changing it can be tomorrow.

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