How can we better serve churches?  That was the question that both Dave Dummitt and the other co-founders of Gyve, were asking themselves.  At the same time, Mark Brooks, known as, The Stewardship Coach, was asking similar questions to arrive at the same end, increasing generosity in churches.

Dave and Mark had met several years earlier, so both knew of the other’s passion for seeing generosity increase.  Dave was working out this calling through Gyve, the online giving company he co-founded in 2015.  Mark, after years as a senior pastor, has for over twenty years worked in the stewardship field.  What if Gyve and The Stewardship Coach forged a collaborative partnership, pooling resources to help churches increase generosity?  Early in 2020 discussions began with new questions.

  • How can we provide increased help to our churches by collaborating together?
  • How can we best support churches to increase generosity?
  • What question are churches asking? What advice are they needing, especially in the area of increasing generosity?  And the driving question was,
  • How can we better serve churches?

The more the Gyve leadership and the Stewardship Coach leadership talked, the more they realized they had in common.  Each firm has a strong desire to change the conversation around the topic of generosity. Each firm believed strongly in their mission but knew that the ever-changing church world demands changes from its partners.  Both The Stewardship Coach and Gyve knew that to expand their platform, they needed to collaborate with others of like mind.

This was the backdrop of the discussion that has led to an official partnership launch of the two firms on May 1st. 

What does this mean for churches?  The partnership combines the best tools of online giving with the key leaders in generosity coaching.  By partnering together, both Gyve and The Stewardship Coach enhance their capabilities to meet the needs of their customers.  By expanding their platforms, they grow the depth and quality of ministry they provide for churches.

These combined tools and expertise will help lead churches to Next Step Giving.  Gyve’s online platform provides a church with all the tools for increasing generosity.  Churches will also have the wisdom and knowledge of two leaders in the generosity space, Dave Dummitt and Mark Brooks.

Brooks has provided strategic generosity coaching for leaders of many of the top 100 churches in America, as well as those running 100.  He has worked on $100 million projects and $100,000 projects.  He sold The Charis Group in 2017 and has since worked to establish his Stewardship Coach platform.  With multiple books, manuals, articles, and blog posts, few in America have written as much on generosity as The Stewardship Coach.  It is that coaching and writing that Brooks will bring to the Gyve family.

Dummitt founded 2|42 Community Church in Grand River, MI, and saw it grow to over 10,000 in weekly attendance in 10 years.  Starting in June, he will assume the role of Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church.  Moving people up the generosity ladder has long been a passion for Dave.  That passion was one of the driving motivations for helping to launch Gyve.  For the last two years, Dave partnered with Generis helping churches across America with generosity coaching.

Gyve’s heart of generosity might have sprung from the heart of Dave Dummitt, but today it is a core Gyve value.  Co-founder Morgan Mudge, Gyve’s Director of Operations, had this to say, “Gyve is not just another payment processing app; it is a generosity system. We believe everyone is at a different place in their generosity journey, and it is our mission to help guide people as they take their next steps in giving.”

“Gyve’s emphasis on not being another processing company but a true generosity system is what attracted me to them,” Brooks said. “Gyve has an incredible platform for online giving.  My role is to help churches learn how to use this tool in the best way possible,” said Brooks.  In the end, the question is,

How Can We Better Serve You?


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