The Round-Up Giving Strategy

How One Simple Tool Will Help You Attract New Givers

This is the first in a series on how to increase new givers using the Round Up Giving App.

What if there was one simple tool that would help you attract new givers?  One of our goals at Gyve is to help churches build a culture of generosity.  We want to help you move donors up the generosity ladder.  That journey begins with the first gift.  The question is, how do you get that first gift?

This is the first in a series on The Round-Up Giving Strategy.  The Round-Up Giving Strategy is a simple process where people Round-Up the change from everyday purchases and donate the difference back to your church.  In later posts, we will flesh this out more fully.  Let’s start by understanding why attracting new givers is so essential.

Every church has a front door and a back door when it comes to not only attendance but giving.  We call this turn over The Churn Rate.  Every year you lose donors.  Some die, while others either move away or move on.  You must continually work to increase the number of new givers you have to offset the givers you lose.  In other words, you want your front door to be larger than your back door.

We track clients giving and most average anywhere from a 15% to 20% loss in givers every year.  One of my clients is one of the fastest-growing churches in America.  Last year they grew their donor base by 7%.  However, they lost 17% of the previous year’s donors losing 119.  They gained 167 new donors, though for a net gain of 48.  If one of the fastest-growing churches in America must work to replace the loss of donors, what about your church?  That is why you need a strategy to increase new givers.

Our Round-Up giving app is precisely the tool you need to start people on the generosity journey!  Donors can download an app onto their phone and designate where they want their rounded-up dollars sent.  Once donors sign up, they simply make purchases with accounts connected to round-up giving, and Gyve does the rest. Every transaction rounds to the nearest dollar, and Gyve collects the difference for donation.  When the round-up change collects to $20, Gyve processes the donation and sends the round-up gift to the pre-selected church or charity.

Dave Dummitt, one of the founders of Gyve and the new pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, had this to say about Round-Up giving, “Round-Up is where our whole Gyve platform started.  We encouraged people to designate our church as the charity receiving their round-up money.  Rather than just use that for extra money, we began to give that money away outside the church.  Then on weekends, we would report back on what Round-Up giving was accomplishing.    We would then say if you would like to help us do more good in our community, then take your first step in generosity by signing up.”

Does it work?  Again, let’s hear from Dave, “What we found is that we were seeing 3 times the amount of first-time givers signing up each month than on our regular app.  With Round-Up, there is a much more motivational reason for people to sign up.  Then once people sign up, it is much easier for them to begin their generosity journey.  Spare change is not going to fuel the vision for your church.  Yet by making it easy to use and by showing people the impact of their spare change, we are helping people take that crucial first step in generosity.”

I once heard Andy Stanley say,

“My goal in preaching is for you to come back next week and bring a friend.”

I have a similar goal for you.  My goal is that someone will give the first time to your church, then the second time, third time until they become a generous donor.  The Round-Up Giving Strategy is an easy to use and simple tool to help you start donors on the road to radical generosity.

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