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Here is a word from our Director of Operations Morgan Mudge:

Our main goal is to help YOU grow, and we are pretty serious about accomplishing our goals.

Before apps, round-ups, portals, and technology entered the picture, the purpose behind the development of Gyve was to create a system to help individuals grow in their generosity. We quickly realized, in order to reach and develop an individual giver, we first need to empower and equip the church leader.

We immediately changed courses.

Our job is simply to come alongside the church by providing them with resources, tools, words, and vision, and allowing them to impact their communities, increase generosity in their people, and complete their personalize missions.

We are just here to help.

We’ve noted that in relationships that work well, partners see each other’s needs and do everything they can to compliment and help fulfill those needs. With this in mind, we are shifting our position to best meet the pressing needs of our partners, the church. We are doing the research, collecting the information, formatting the data, and sharing the results in an easy to use quick communication. We call it The Generosity Journal.

The Generosity Journal is a weekly newsletter designed to help churches increase the generosity of their church by growing individual givers and increasing giving amounts. Each week will include generosity building articles and strategically written offering talks, suggestions, and samples. We will incorporate relevant current event topics and provide examples and ideas, tackling challenging issues, including advice on how to handle the financial challenges many churches are facing. You will find articles from key influencers, like David Dummitt, Willow Creek’s lead pastor, and seasoned professionals like Mark Brooks, the Stewardship Coach, and much more.

Our commitment is to continue to add value to what you do because you are our top priority. The Generosity Journals a way for us to stay connected with you and to help you succeed. It is just one of the many steps we are taking to remain entirely devoted to serving you and the kingdom of God.


Morgan Mudge
Director of Operations

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