We want to share with you 4 advantages of recurring giving that benefit your church.

Let’s face it, we are all looking for advantages during the craziest and most challenging time of ministry in our lives. One great challenge is keeping the proverbial offering plate full so you can keep the proverbial lights on. Even our language has changed! Seriously, when the experts are projecting that 1 in 5 churches could close their doors in the next year due to the lockdowns, you are looking for an advantage. We believe recurring giving is one such advantage that can keep you out of that 1 in 5.

Here are our top 4 advantages of recurring giving:

Advantage #1 – Your giving will increase. Churches that offer and highlight recurring giving always raise more money than the churches that do not offer this type of giving platform. One reason why giving increases is revealed in advantage two.

Advantage #2 – It assures there is always an offering. COVID-19 has and will continue to impact attendance and thus the offering. Even when you get back it is almost a certainty that the weather will impact your weekend services at some point. Recurring giving never is impacted by anything. As a result, your giving goes up. The last thing you need to start your New Year off is to get behind in giving due to COVID or inclement weather. Recurring giving will help you offset this.

Advantage #3 It helps offset the summer slump in giving. Summers are notoriously one of the worst seasons for giving. By setting up recurring giving you can avoid the summer slump in giving.

Advantage #4 – It makes your giving more consistent helping you better plan. One of my clients illustrated this a few years back by saying,

“Recurring giving has taken the angst out of our staff meetings. We used to fret over how to pay our bills, especially in summer. Now our giving is consistent which allows for better planning.”

Stressing recurring giving can do the same for your church.

The question is how do you accomplish this? I work with my clients to spend time focusing upon recurring giving at least twice a year. We use January since many do indeed make resolutions about the faith as a time to encourage recurring giving. The other month we focus on is May right before summer vacations set in.

Here is the simple message we work to use across all our platforms.

“Are you resolving to put God first this year in your finances? The best way to accomplish this is by setting up your giving to be automatic. We offer an easy, safe and secure way to do this. Go to https://www.southpointccc.com/give-now and follow the simple steps.”

This message or one like it can be supported by pictures in announcements, screenshots, social media, and all print pieces at the church. I also advise a dedicated time before one of your offering times to highlight the positive benefit of recurring giving. Some of my clients make short videos showing how quick and easy the process is. These are also used across all their platforms of communication. We have found that putting this idea in the mind and hearts of donors results in a surge of sign-ups that translates into an increase in giving.

Start now planning on how best to communicate the value of recurring giving to your members. Recurring giving can help your members fulfill that promise of being more generous.

Know how generous your church is today to know how life-changing it can be tomorrow.

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