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What is a round-up account, and how do I create one?

First, select a debit, credit or ACH account to use with the round-up feature. After creating the “Round-Up” accounts, simply make purchases with the cards attached. Gyve rounds each purchase total to the nearest dollar amount and collects the difference for donation. Once the “Round-Ups” accumulate to $20, Gyve processes a transaction and withdrawals the $20 from the “Draw Account” and sends it to the charity.

What is the difference between a “Draw“ account and a “Round-Up“ account?

The “Draw” account is the account transactions are withdrawn from, including the $20 round up donations. The “Round-Up” accounts are the accounts selected by the donor for the micro-donation  (round-up) process and can include any debit, credit, ACH or retail card. The “Round-Up” accounts include the cards / ACHs transacting purchases. Deposits, bank transfers, and bank fees will not round up for donation.

How do I get a refund?

Gyve only facilitates withdrawals, we never hold funds.  To request a refund, contact the receiving organization’s administrative team.

How do I delete or stop a recurring payment?

All transactions are managed right in the Gyve app.  First, open the side navigation menu by selecting the three white bars in the upper left-hand corner on the main dashboard screen.  From there, select the “Scheduled Option” button to manage a recurring payment.  Or, manage changes directly on the dashboard by selecting the “Recurring Option” button then pressing the “Manage Recurring” option.

How do I reset my password?

Reset a password by going into the “Profile” section from the side navigation menu and selecting “Update Password.”  Enter the current password, followed by the new password. If you cannot remember the current password, simply sign out and go to the “Forgot Password” link on the sign in screen. 

Where can I get my year-end tax receipt?

When making donations through Gyve, the money transfers directly to the intended organization. Gyve never has access to the funds. For this reason, Gyve does not send out tax-deductible receipts.  The receiving charity will provide official donation receipts. 

What does “Pause This Month“ mean?

By selecting the “Pause this Month” option, round up transactions for that month only will stop.  The following month the account will automatically reactivate. 

Why hasn’t my donation deducted from my bank account yet?

Banks and credit card institutions often put seven-day holds on new or more significant transactions to verify authenticity. If a donation still hasn’t deducted after this time-frame, please contact support@gyve.io for further assistance. 

Is my personal information safe?

Gyve has a bank-grade payment infrastructure and is PCI level 1 compliant.  Personal and financial information is never held on Gyve serves. Yes, it’s secure!

If my organization was using another giving solution, do I need to cancel that account?

If there is a recurring donation processing with another platform, yes, cancel your previous account; otherwise, it is not necessary.

What if I don’t want to use an app?

You can create a Gyve account through the charity’s website.  Each Gyve charity partner has a donation button on their website so you can complete the entire process on the computer.

I received a “Donation Failed to Process“ email. What does this mean?

The “Donation Failed to Process” email sent should clarify the specific issues.

However, here is a list of generalized steps.

Mobile App Instructions

  1. Log in to Gyve app
  2. Open side navigation and select Accounts
    1. Apple iOS: Go to the bottom and touch the “Add Account” button.
    2. Android: Go to the bottom right and touch the “+” icon
  3. Select “Add Draw Account” from the pop-up.
  4. Add correct bank routing and account number.
  5. Touch Add Account button on the bottom
  6. It will redirect back to the Accounts screen, and the new account will be selected.
  7. Delete the previously created account (the one that is no longer selected)
    1. Apple iOS: Swipe left to delete it.
    2. Android: Touch “Edit” link on the top, then select the account and touch “Delete.”

Website Instructions

  1.       Log in to the online giving page
  2.       Click the “Add Account” link below current accounts.
  3.       Add correct bank routing and account number.
  4.       Click Add Account
  5.       The Accounts screen will re-populate and highlight the NEW account

Delete the previously created account.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel a Gyve account and stop all future transactions, go to the side navigation screen, select the “Profile” option then select the “Cancel” option.

What if I don’t find an answer in the FAQs?

Send us an email. We are here to help. support@gyve.io


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