Switch from Pushpay to Gyve!

Consider these red flags with Pushpay as you evaluate the best option
for your church to not just give but unleash a real journey of generosity.

Contracts: Long v None

When you switch from Pushpay to Gyve, you’re importantly switching from long-term contracts to no contracts. Freedom!

Service, service, service

Hang at will with our support team that offers full-call-in support instead of being kept hanging on the phone for hours.

Serious starting trouble

We’ll onboard you well without long sessions and training that takes ages for you to get started and your church to start giving.

Say no to all those fees

Saying yes to Gyve is saying no to minimums, setup charges, monthly fees, contracts, commitments, and any kinds of surprises.

Partial v True split giving

Ensure that every widow’s two mites are sent exactly where it needs to go with true split giving instead of some partial options.

Unique giving features

Unleash generosity in your givers with unique features like Round-Up that rounds up change from their everyday purchases.

Are you ready to switch from PushPay to Gyve?

Take your next step towards greater generosity!

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