Giving is part of living.

One of my favorite illustrations of this concept is from the Tale of Two Seas.

There are two seas in Israel, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.  The Sea of Galilee is full of life.  Its shores are lined with vibrant vegetation.  Bright and unique fish fill its waters and birds nest and live along its edge.  It is beautiful!  The Dead Sea is a sharp contrast.  Its shorelines are toxic and bitter, piled with salt, and its waters contain no life.

Both bodies of water are fed by the River Jordon, so how can two seas in the same geographic area, receiving the same resources be so drastically different?

The answer is simple.

The Sea of Galilee receives water at one end and gives water at the other end, making it habitable and healthy. The Dead Sea, however, only receives water; it doesn’t have an outlet.  It keeps everything it gets within itself and evaporates what it cannot hold. It cannot sustain life this way.

Giving is part of living well.

We were designed to receive with one hand and give with the other.  Like the waters of the river, resources should flow through us.  It is then that we will be most vibrant and healthy.

We receive knowledge, wealth, love and respect.  We can choose to flow these resources through us and provide life to others, or we can keep everything we receive and try to accumulate and hold as much as possible.

Generosity produces purpose and relationship and team.  It opposes depression and loneliness and selfishness.

Giving is part of living well-rounded.

Happiness and generosity seem to follow a circular pattern.  The more happy and healthy and directed one is in life, the more generous they are likely to be, and the more generous a person is, the happier and healthier.  Generous people are usually well-rounded people because they understand the true concept behind giving.  Giving changes perspective.  Our thought patterns follow our mindset, which follows our actions.  Give, so you can truly live.

Giving is part of living well-purposed.

Sustained giving and volunteering help shape our purpose.  Giving and volunteering repeatedly changes our behaviors and provides a neurochemical release similar to exercise.  Our money follows our passion.  Unsure of your passions, study your bank statement.  Where we spend our time, money and resources shapes who we are.  What is shaping you? Is it giving life, purpose, direction?

Giving is part of living well-directed.

Sometimes giving can be overwhelming.  There are thousands of churches and billions of non-profits. How can you possibly choose?  Many faith-based organizations teach storehouse giving.  The concept of storehouse giving keeps local funds organized locally.  For example, if we give a solid percentage of our income to the local church, the church will be able to in turn provide funding to other local and global charitable organizations.  The church is approached with needs.  They know the community and have systems in place to help funnel the funds appropriately and efficiently.  In addition to faith-based giving, seek your passion.  What breaks your heart? What do you want to see changed?  What can you HELP change?  Use your talents, resources, wiring, and passions to find a charity and donate.

Giving is part of living.

Live well.  Live well-rounded. Live with purpose and passion and direction.  Let resources flow through you and be part of the flourishing Sea that is full of beauty and teaming with life.

Live generously.

We are on a mission to ignite a generosity movement.  I hope you can join us.

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