Generosity Story

Is it really more blessed
to give than to receive?

Read how real generosity struggles led the Mudges to a closer walk with God and to co-found Gyve to simplify giving.

Join a Journey in Generosity

The Giving Stages

At Gyve we believe that the journey of generosity truly reveals the faith of a community.
That’s why we are committed to serving churches to simplify generosity for every single person in church.

Take a look at the four typical giving personalities in church to see how we aim to
transform rookie givers into radically generous Christians.


The Rookie givers are first time or sporadic givers. They attend service but have not yet partnered financially with the mission of the local church. The Rookie givers may drop cash in the bucket if it is on hand, but don’t plan intentionally about giving.


The Relative givers give based on how they spend money in other areas of life. They note their monthly expenses (utilities, mortgage etc.) and see if their spending aligns with their giving. They see the vision of the church, has intentions to give and budgets for it.


The Relational givers not only see the vision of the Church, but also are fully bought-in on the mission. They view giving in proportion with spending and have shifted their perspective to categorize giving as an essential part of their life. The Relational givers regularly give in line with their income, often tithing.


The Radical givers are driven givers. Their emphasis is on what God is asking them to keep, not what He is asking them to give. They have completely revamped their frame of mind when it comes to living generously. They give from a true passion or calling and dictate their spending and lifestyle around giving, not vice-versa.

From Rookie to Radical

Giving with Gyve has changed me from an occasional giver to a radical giver. Over the years, I’ve realized that I’m giving more and learning to be cheerful about it. I’m glad we have tools like Gyve that help us give more of ourselves so that we can grow more in Him.

Kelley R.
2|42 Community Church, Brighton, MI

The Pelican

Symbolism & Story

Legend has it that a pelican was struggling to feed her baby pelicans during a time of famine. The mother pelican wounded herself, striking her breast with her beak to feed her young with her blood. In another version, the mother fed her dying young with her blood to revive them from death, losing her own life.

The pelican symbolizes Jesus, who gave His life for our redemption and the atonement that He made through His blood and death. His sacrificial death is the ultimate example of generosity and thus the pelican became our ultimate symbol of giving. Gyve’s goal is to help people encounter Christ, experience this joy of sacrificial giving and engage their communities generously.


Know how generous your church is today to
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