About Gyve

Why does Gyve exist?

Gyve exists to help people encounter Christ and engage in community. We strongly believe that the faith of a community is directly related to its journey of generosity. So Gyve is not here to move churches and congregations from one giving tool to another. Rather, it is here to unlock generosity among non-givers and increase giving in their churches and communities.

That's good to know, but what is unique about Gyve?

Gyve has many church-centric features that help churches accelerate generosity in their congregations. Just like many other church-giving apps, Gyve also has a full-fledged feature list that helps the church as an end-to-end provider to simplify generosity in their congregations. Click here to see the full list of features.

However, a unique feature that Gyve offers for churches is a round-up functionality that helps congregants give to the church while making everyday purchases especially when they are not in church or giving to their church. This feature lets them give from Monday to Saturday by rounding up change on all purchases and not just during offering time on Sunday.

Is Gyve better than payment aggregators like PayPal?

PayPal has been the leader in payment aggregation and serves some churches that need a simple giving solution. However, churches have been moving over from PayPal to Gyve because of the need for specific church-giving functionalities. Click here to understand why churches move from PayPal to Gyve and how this simple transition can be accomplished seamlessly.

Sounds good! Most importantly, is Gyve a secure platform for my church to use for its giving needs?

Yes, Gyve is a secure platform and all the financial information that is transacted through Gyve is encrypted and stored by our banking partner, according to PCI DSS Level 1 compliant standards. This is the highest rating in the electronic payment industry and Gyve has a 100% security track record so far.

Getting Started

Does Gyve integrate well with my existing apps and solutions?

Yes, Gyve integrates with many providers such as Mortarstone, Church Community Builder, Planning Center, Blackbaud, Breeze, Kingdom Planning Strategies, Rock RMS. etc. If any of your providers are not mentioned in this list, please write to us at support@gyve.io to find how we can still help make those integrations seamless.

That's reassuring, so how much does it cost to use Gyve?

The only cost to use Gyve is the processing charge for each transaction, which is 2.5% + 0.30 per transaction. There are no minimums, contracts, commitments, or any other kind of direct, hidden, or monthly fees. Visit the Pricing page for more information.

Great! Any chance Gyve is running any campaign or offers at this point?

Glad you asked! Because in this season, Gyve is reaffirming its commitment to helping churches simplify generosity. Churches that sign up with Gyve between Feb 15, 2022, and May 25, 2022, can get processing charges waived for their first 6 months. Click here (hyperlink with campaign landing page) to see this offer or write to us at support@gyve.io for more information.

Sweet! How do I get started with Gyve today?

At Gyve, we refrain from adopting a one-size-fits-all posture. Talk to us today and write to us at support@gyve.io and we will contact you immediately and get you and your team switched over or started with Gyve to simplify generosity in your church.

That's helpful, but what if our church is currently stuck in a contract with another giving provider?

We understand and we get asked this question all the time. Write to us at support@gyve.io and we will take this up on a case-by-case basis and help give you the best options. Consider this just as the case of how an AT&T user is helped by T-Mobile to switch to a new provider and a better solution. And all those new T-mobile converts cried “Amen!”.

Finally, how quickly can I start using Gyve if I sign up today?

Most giving providers might tell you that you can get started in an hour but we can’t and don’t start that way. We are very intentional about offering informative sessions upfront to help you understand how to use Gyve and unleash generosity in a new way in your congregation. We ensure that we have a great onboarding session at the start for you and once that’s done, Gyve can be integrated into your church in a matter of hours.

Feature List

Which all payment modes does Gyve accept?

Gyve accepts all the major card brands – American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, etc., as well as ACH/eCheck transactions.

Glad the usual bases are covered! Does Gyve support designated giving/funds?

Yes, designated giving is a congregational user feature that will let your congregants designate their funds for different causes without the need for multiple transactions. Additionally, your church can help the users split their donations.

That helps a lot! How quickly can I get funds deposited into my account?

Daily deposits is a church admin feature that is built into Gyve, which lets you deposit funds into your account on the same day, according to your preference. Your money is your money, and it should reach you instantly.

Good! How can I issue a receipt to a donor?

Custom automated emails are a church admin feature built into Gyve. You can leverage this feature to send confirmation emails and receipts to donors instantly and beautifully with your branding and messaging.

Looking forward to using this feature! Now can I also issue donor tax statements for my congregants?

Yes! Issuing donor tax statements is a church admin feature that’s built into Gyve. It’s very easy to generate beautiful donor statements across the date range of your choice that are designed in beautiful templates. You can then print them for mailing or issue it via your mail to your congregants.

Quick question, can I issue refunds without a hassle?

Yes, all payments can be refunded at any time with a single click, and both you and the donor will be instantly notified.

What a relief! Can I also track giving across multiple campuses and multi-sites?

Yes, tracking giving across multiple campuses and multi-sites is a church admin feature that is built into Gyve. You can just not track giving but also allocate/designate funds to whichever campus or site you’d like to, and even deposit them to different accounts for different sites.