What is the best PushPay alternative? In this article, we tell you the story of one church’s decision to make the switch to Gyve’s online platform.

“We felt like it wasn’t just asking people to switch to a new giving platform, we were inviting people on a mission to do more good in our city than ever before.”

2|42 Community Church, located in metro-Detroit, Michigan, realized that they were onto something with Gyve during their Christmas Eve services. A few weeks prior, the church rolled out Gyve to the congregation. During the eight Christmas Eve services, pastors shared that the use of the Gyve round-up feature allowed the church to pay a month’s rent for a single mom of a young boy with special needs in the community.

After the first Christmas Eve service, a couple approached one of the pastors, inspired by something as simple as donating spare change and offered to pay another month of the family’s rent. Throughout the weekend more people wanted to meet this family’s need, and by the end of the final service enough money was donated to cover their rent until December of the following year! What started out as giving spare change grew into life change for a family as well as the people meeting their need. When everyone gives a little bit, big things can happen!


By Fall 2017, 2|42 had grown to be a 7,000 person church with three campuses. The church had just come off of a building campaign earlier that year and felt stuck in a giving plateau. Launching a new giving app could have gone sideways, but the leadership saw the energy and mission of Gyve was different. One pastor said, “We felt like it wasn’t just asking people to switch to a new giving platform, we were inviting people on a mission to do more good in our city than ever before.”

The switch from the current mobile giving app, Pushpay, to Gyve, was smooth and painless. Now, 2|42 has the ability to talk about giving in a way they simply didn’t have before. It allowed them to invite everyone to take next steps in generosity. And this is just the beginning! The success they are experiencing continues to exceed their expectations. Check out their results after just three months of using Gyve, the best PushPay alternative.

Getting Started

We know rolling out a new generosity platform is no small task, but our team is committed to partnering with you to make the transition smooth and efficient. It’s not easy to transition an entire church to a PushPay alternative. Our roll out process creates strong momentum around giving, allowing leadership to support the change. Here are a few steps to a successful and productive rollout:

Timing Is Everything

The best time to launch a new giving platform is during a generosity series. For example, 2|42 has a Big Give weekend. Promoting an event allows you to build excitement while encouraging people to prepare to contribute by downloading and signing up for the Gyve app.

Holding a generosity event is just one of several ways to execute a successful rollout of Gyve, our PushPay alternative. Our expert team will work with you and your team to design the most effective strategy that aligns with your specific culture and community.

Cast Vision

One of Gyve’s most successful roll outs was at Crosspoint City Church in Cartersville, Georgia. Their leadership developed and delivered a video that helped cast the vision of how to use Gyve and why the upcoming year would be the most generous in their church history, outlining the specific areas where generosity would be used and inviting people to join the mission. Their video received the highest sign up percentage of any roll out communication to date.

Start With Leadership


Gyve does not charge signup, cancellation, user, or minimum processing fees. As a result, there is no risk in getting started and doing a soft launch with your staff. We recommend you encourage your staff to download and begin using the Gyve app immediately so you can receive feedback on how the app works in your church culture and environment. This will equip your staff to help others as you rollout the platform to the rest of your church.

Non-Staff Leadership

Once your staff has been using the app for 2 – 4 weeks, we recommend you engage with non-staff leaders in your church (small group leaders, elders, deacons, board members, etc.) Invite these key leaders to begin using Gyve, and to provide feedback as a non-staff user.

Recurring & Large Donors

Finally, before you publicly rollout Gyve to your entire church, we encourage you to invite your recurring and large-gift donors to begin using the app. This empowers your core generosity community to be on the ground floor of a new development. Everyone loves to be the first in the know! Taking this step will allow you to see higher user signups, and much quicker transition of your large and consistent donations.

Public Roll Out

Once your staff, key leaders, and major contributors are using Gyve, it is time to onboard the rest of your church. We recommend a 4 – 5 week rollout strategy, spending time during each service explaining the transition and casting vision around building a culture of generosity. This is also a great time to explain round up and how the church’s spare change will be used to bless the community, and getting people excited about having the most generous year your church has ever experienced. Our PushPay alternative differentiates itself with its core features: round-up and our analytics platform.

Our team will work with you to develop a customized, detailed rollout plan that will fit your culture and community. We also have a rollout package filled with videos, handouts, slides, images, email templates, and much more to equip you to reach everyone in the most effective way possible.

Consistency is Key

The last and most important aspect to your rollout is maintaining consistency after your launch. A common mistake churches make is assuming that everyone heard the message and is on board with the new plan, and then no longer talking about it. The average church attender in the US will go to church 1.7 times per month, and that number is lower in the summer. In building a generous church culture and crafting an effective PushPay alternative growth strategy, talking about generosity in consistent, visible ways each week will help you generate momentum. We cannot overemphasize the importance of creating weekly moments to talk about generosity, share stories of impact, encourage people to download Gyve, and invite them to join you on mission to be generous. This step is truly the most essential in order to create a culture of generosity in your church.

Know how generous your church is today to know how life-changing it can be tomorrow.

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