“Facing a year like no other, we have altered the day-to-day operations of our institutions.”

That statement was made by one of the leading non-profit organizations, the Blackbaud Institute. Doesn’t that sum up all our lives? We truly have been living in a year like no other.

One pastor summed up what all in Christian leadership feel when he said, “We are tired. Gut tired.”

We keep praying and hoping that next month will be better. We are less than a year into COVID but we feel like it has been years since we knew any sense of normal. When will it get better? When it comes to giving it could be a long recovery. Consider this quote that comes from a recent paper released by the leading fundraising research arm in America the Blackbaud Institute. The paper is entitled, “The State of the Social Sector: Navigating in a Time of Uncertainty.”

“GivingUSA Foundation research indicates that, in the past, it has taken an average of three to four years for inflation-adjusted giving to rise back to pre-recession levels.” 

How do you handle a giving year like no other? You get help. One trend that is emerging is the move towards collaboration. You are probably in various Facebook Group pages designed to help you navigate through this crisis. Sites like this have been extremely helpful as churches have sought to re-open and deal with issues confronting us in a year like no other. Is there help for a giving year like no other?

YES! Gyve partners will on August 31st will have access to special coaching through our new generosity platform called, Next Step Generosity.

We are going to connect you with two of the best coaches in the generosity field, Dave Dummitt, the Lead Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, and Mark Brooks, known as The Stewardship Coach. Dave and Mark have worked with many of America’s largest churches, and they are excited to share with you how to transform giving at your church!

Here is what our Next Step Generosity plan will provide for you:

  • Weekly newsletter with key articles from Dave and Mark plus others on how to increase giving at your church.
  • Weekly offering talk sent directly to you to make your offering time meaningful and powerful!
  • Weekly group teaching time with Dave and Mark every Monday morning. They’ll teach on practical generosity plans and be available for Q&A.  You get to directly ask your questions to two of the top generosity leaders in America!
  • Seasonal giving manuals for end of year emphasis, start the year giving, special events and, much, much more!

At Gyve we provide you will the best online tools for the digital world we live in. Now we are providing you with the best coaching to use those tools. We give you the help you need for a year like no other! Does your online provider partner with you like this or are they only interested in processing payments?

Gyve is more than simply your processing company! One of our core values is to help our partners change the money conversation! We want to help you do that and see your members take the next step in generosity to ultimately become Radical Givers! Contact us today for more information on, Next Step Generosity Coaching.

Know how generous your church is today to know how life-changing it can be tomorrow.

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