On your way to work or church, is there a section of the road that you must navigate carefully through due to potholes and basic neglect?

Over time you learn where those holes are so you can avoid them. A driver can be forgiven for hitting a pothole they did not know was in the road. To willingly drive over that pothole day after day is not only foolish but harmful to the overall performance of your vehicle. When you know there is a hole in the road; you make plans ahead of time to avoid it.

Don’t look now, but there is a giving pothole ahead as we approach summer. Even before COVID, summer giving was a challenge.  With the country opening back, more people will be traveling for vacation than last year.  The bottom line for your church is that you will experience a significant decline in giving unless you have a plan to navigate through the giving potholes of summer.

If we could show you how to improve summer giving in two minutes or less, would you be interested?  Every church leader will tell you that summer giving is always a challenge.  Historically it has always been the most challenging time of the year for giving.  Our team at Gyve decided to help you do something to improve summer giving.

We are giving away for free an ebook entitled “The 15 Offerings of Summer.”  Our Writer in Residence, Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, wrote the book.  Mark has been one of the leading writers of offering talks, and in “The 15 Offerings of Summer,” he gives secrets in how to improve your offering time.  Then he provides an offering talk for every Sunday from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The playbook has great thoughts on improving giving and many samples you can use in your church.

“The 15 Offerings of Summer” provides you with an offering talk for each of the 15 weekends of summer.

These talks will help you,

  • Inform your donors of what you are doing in missions and ministry.
  • Inspire them by what you are doing so that you can,
  • Encourage them to generously give to help make a difference.
  • And, most importantly, you want to thank them for their generosity.

Each week’s talk will help you craft a compelling story of how a dollar given to your church goes to change the world!  Helping your attendees and members see the impact of generosity will increase their generosity.   In two minutes or less, you can cast a vision for the offering that will increase giving.  Our free ebook, “The 15 Offerings of Summer,” will help you increase giving.

Plan Now To Avoid the Pothole of Summer Giving!

As we enter into summertime, now more than ever, you need a plan of action to avoid the pothole of summer giving.  Try our plan for free.

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Know how generous your church is today to know how life-changing it can be tomorrow.

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