Switch from PayPal to Gyve!

Consider these red flags with PayPal as you evaluate the best option
for your church to not just give but unleash a real journey of generosity.

High effort, low impact

It takes 11 steps to set up just a standard donate button, one that doesn’t include recurring giving and other regular features.

Recurring doesn’t ring!

It takes 27 steps and coding skills to set up recurring giving but by then you’ll need a lot of prayer to forgive and forget!

No designated giving

Your givers can’t give to specific missional causes, types, or people, and you can’t split payments to designated funds either.

Giving to church v PayPal

Your givers will feel like they are giving to PayPal because of its poor whitelabeling and low customization options.

Not mobile first

The church of the future (and even the present) will give up on giving as they navigate an experience that’s not mobile first.

No integrated giving

There are no options to integrate with other church giving options like embedded web giving, text giving, kiosk giving, etc.

Poor customer service

PayPal was built to sell products and services, not to serve the church. Expecting customer service is just great expectations!

Data’s hard to date

Data that integrates well, understands givers, and easily shares giving statements is what your admin loves. Please answer their prayers!

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