The church is made up of individuals from all walks of life with all different backgrounds and experiences.  We are given different gifts, talents, and abilities. We approach situations, tasks, and challenges differently.  We are all moving along the path in our relationship with Jesus and the understanding of what that relationship means and how it looks in our lives at a different pace and rate. We all resonate with different teachers and teaching styles and music and worship style. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, and we need those differences and growth methods to be addressed and nurtured not only in our spiritual journey but also in our generosity journey.

In order to address our different rates of growth in terms of the generosity journey, we first must categorize an underlying generalization within a generosity growth concept and then learn to apply these concepts to each member of our donor base or congregation.


The Giving Ladder

The Giving Ladder is a tool used to categorize the four different stages of giving. It consists of four rungs: Rookie, Regular, Relative and Radical.


The Rookie Giver is a first time or sporadic giver.  The Rookie attends service but has not yet partnered financially with the mission of the local church. The Rookie may drop cash in the bucket if it is on hand, but they do not have a pre-planned action for giving.


The Regular Giver is a conscious giver who includes giving as a consistent part of their budget. The Regular Giver sees the vision and has intentions to contribute a consistent amount on a regular basis.


The Relative Giver not only sees the vision, but they are also fully bought-in on the mission.  The Relative Giver views giving in proportion with spending and has shifted their perspective to categorize giving as an essential part of their life.  The Relative Giver gives regularly and in line with their income. (Currently, only 3% of givers can be classified as giving 10% or more of their income to the church.)


The Radical Giver is a driven giver.  A consistently Radical Giver has completely revamped their frame of mind when it comes to living generously.  They are often giving from a true passion or calling.  The Radical Giver dictates their spending and lifestyle around giving, not from the typical reversed perspective.



In order to reach our very different donors, we need to approach our calls to action in giving in different and engaging ways.  We need to learn where our givers are on the giving ladder and take the steps necessary to create the proper environments to gently encourage our participants to mobilize and advance up the rungs.

Gyve is designed to help leaders transform their church culture into one that is joyfully generous. The Gyve program is designed to nurture each of these stages independently and to promote growth by moving individual givers up the rungs of the Giving Ladder.

Gyve is an online and mobile giving platform on a mission to help churches build a culture of generosity.  The Gyve system meets people where they are in their generosity journey and helps create environments to encourage movement and spark the spiritual growth required to shift the giving perspective.

We are on a mission to help churches create a culture of generosity.  Join Us.

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