God is a Great Mathematician

The needs of the world and the Church are BIG.

So, it’s natural for our donors to feel nothing significant can happen with their gifts, or that their giving doesn’t make a real difference.

What kind of impact could one donor have anyway?

We think this way because WE view giving as a single action.

But giving is NOT a simple financial transaction when GOD is part of the exchange.

We need to share the impact the gifts we receive are having in our community and show our donors there is more to the process than “they give” and “we get.”

When it comes to giving, their physical gift is only the first step in a complex multi-process equation.

Where WE see addition, GOD sees multiplication.

God didn’t feed five people with five loaves of bread, he fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and had plenty to spare.

God is a great mathematician.

But, before he can multiply gifts and transform lives, we must first be obedient enough to take the initial step, and GIVE.

God uses giving for more than just providing provisions, he uses giving for creating blessings, building relationships, and conducting life transformations.

God uses giving in three key ways


God works through us.

When we give, we become a pipeline through which HIS blessings flow. God blesses us, so we can, in turn, bless others. Instead of holding tightly to what he has given us, and given to our church, we must let it overflow into the world around us. Generosity begets generosity.


God works with us.

When we give, we become partners in his mission to renew and restore all things to himself.

Through prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness, we join in the work he is doing.  Even when we do not see the direct results of our gifts, God blesses them and uses them in his restoration process and for his glory.


God works in us. 

When we give, we become participants of his works of grace within our own hearts. Our giving transforms us as we bless others.  As we align our hearts to the work he is doing, he makes us more like Jesus as he prepares us to become larger conduits for HIS blessings to flow through.

These concepts are not only true for individuals, but for the Church and church leadership as well.

Want to lead a generous church?

Be a generous leader!

Show your congregation how much you trust God to multiply blessings by graciously pouring them out on your community.

God is the Great Multiplier. Let’s start trusting him to do his job.

Give generously and see what God will do.


Gyve is an online and mobile giving platform on a mission to help churches build a culture of generosity.

The Gyve system creates environments to develop donors while providing multiple donation options, including one-time, recurring and roundup (microdonation) giving.  Gyve is complete with data analysis, reporting, giving-trend tracking, and target marketing.

This article was inspired by UMC.


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