57% of churches have learned the importance of setting up their offerings.  The accounting firm CapinCrouse recently did a study that asked churches, what methods has your church implemented to collect, maintain, or encourage offerings?  57% said, “Increased discussion around offerings during online services. Emphasized that offerings are an act of worship, told stories of how the gifts are used, featured people or organizations that have benefitted from congregational giving, etc.”

These churches have discovered that the single most important thing you can do to increase giving at your church is to change how you take up your offerings.  

In our new free paper, “The 16 Offerings of Summer,” we lay out ten thoughts about how to make your offerings inspiring and more impactful.

  1. Elevate the importance of the offering first with yourself and then the entire staff. Work to change the attitude that the offering is an inconvenience, and see it as an act of worship.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask people to give.  Never apologize for the offering. The offering is a time of worship. We should never apologize for letting people give as an act of worship.
  3. Plan out every offering just like you plan out every message.  Spend time every week thinking through how to present the offering better.
  4. Change the format and positioning regularly.  Every once in awhile, do something different to break the routine.
  5. Always give a stewardship or generosity message before the offering is taken up.  Work to craft one-minute messages that underscore the importance of giving. Use the time the ushers come forward to make a case for the offering.  Download our FREE paper, The 16 Offerings of Summer for 16 offering talks you can use now!
  6. Utilize testimonies before the offering as a means of inspiration. Laypeople expect you to tell them to give. When one of their peers talks about giving, they listen.
  7. Use creative tools like video and skits to make the offering fun.  There is a host of material out there. Use it. Be creative!
  8. Always be positive with every offering appeal.  Guilt never works, so don’t try to guilt people into giving.
  9. Cast a compelling reason as to why people should give.  People give to that which makes a difference. Tell them how their gift matters, and they will give.
  10. Regularly tell people what their gifts have accomplished and thank them for their gifts.  Blow your own horn in Jesus name.  Tell the stories of life change you are seeing. Link the offering to the ministries the church is doing. People give to success! People also like to be thanked. Never take your donors for granted.

I believe if you incorporate these ten steps, your offerings will dramatically pick up.

Download our free guide to helping you improve your summer giving, The 16 Offerings of Summer and join the 57% of churches that have improved their offering time!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

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