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October 31, 2018

How do you implement a giving platform? How do you change from one giving system to another? How do you encourage your member base to participate? It’s easy… you just roll with it!   ROLL-OUT Rolling out a new generosity platform is no small task, but Gyve is committed to partnering with you to make...

October 24, 2018

Are you hedging your bets against God? Diversifying your portfolio and hedging your bets are advisable tactics in many situations.  It keeps you afloat, eliminates risks and allows for failures and miscalculations. But we’ve taken this concept of diversifying and have applied it to worshipping God with our finances. We do not bring the “whole...

January 4, 2018

All churches need to learn how to maximize impact in their organization. From church plants to multi-church networks, generosity and giving is the number one key to maximizing impact. Maximizing Impact We are a connected and informed generation. With the internet, we have the capacity to learn, share and buy anything with the click of...

August 22, 2017

Pastor Merv Thompson from the Luther Seminary generated a top-ten list of why people become more generous.  Since it falls in line with much of what we believe at Gyve.io, I thought I would share a condensed version of his list and expand on how Gyve can help cultivate these concepts.  For the completed list,...

August 15, 2017

How To Create A Culture of Generosity: 3 Easy Steps Churches are communities, and communities have a culture. Whether it’s actively set by church leaders or passively watched, the culture is the driving force for any church. In this article, we go over 3 easy steps on how to create a culture of generosity in...

August 8, 2017

1. Leaders eliminate the unnecessary to focus on the necessary Reduced income forces leaders to make decisions to purge activity that fails to contribute to the core mission. Leaders have learned in the tutorial of the recession that much of what a church does doesn’t lead to high impact. Leaders must change how they lead...

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