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Generosity Platform

We are the only generosity platform that combines the power of donor analytics with six different ways to give. Round-Up, One-Time, Recurring, Text-to-Give, Online, and Kiosks giving.

Generosity Data

Gyve’s proprietary analytics monitor giving trends so tracking key donor metrics and target messaging unique demographics is easy. Data and analytics can be used to help grow generosity in donors.

Generosity Coaching

We take Biblical principles, best industry practices, and your ministry‚Äôs DNA and collaborate with you to create a strategy to fund your church’s mission or God-inspired visions.

Generosity Journey

Everyone has a next step to take in generosity. It is our job to help meet people where they are in their generosity journey and assist Church leaders in guiding them forward. There are four distinct giving stages, and the Gyve platform is designed to facilitate movement through them to help people grow in generosity.

The Rookie Giver is a first time or sporadic giver. The Rookie attends service but has not yet partnered financially with the mission of the local church. The Rookie may drop cash in the bucket if it is on hand, but they do not have a pre-planned action for giving.
The Relative Giver decides to give based on how they spend money in other areas of their life. They note their monthly expenses (cable bill, new clothes, car payments, etc.) and reflect to see if their spending aligns with their giving. The Relative Giver sees the vision of the church, has intentions to contribute and includes giving as a consistent part of their budget.
The Relational Giver not only sees the vision of the Church; they are fully bought-in on the mission. They view giving in proportion with spending and have shifted their perspective to categorize giving as an essential part of their life. The Relational Giver regularly gives in line with their income, often practicing the biblical stewardship of tithing, which is offering 10% of income to the local church.
The Radical Giver is a driven giver. Their emphasis is not so much on what God is asking them to give, but on what God is asking them to keep. A Radical giver has completely revamped their frame of mind when it comes to living generously. They give from a true passion or calling and dictate their spending and lifestyle around giving, not the typical reverse perspective.

Round up the change from everyday purchases and donate the difference.

Round up the change
from everyday
purchases and

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We don’t think of you as clients; rather you are partners. Every Gyve feature and line of code is designed in collaboration with church leaders.

We focus on what matters to you!

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